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Legal Notice


MannesPièces SAS is a "société par action simplifiée" (simplified Joint Stock company) with a share capital of 484,800 €, headed by Mr. Jacques Mannes. The headquarters are located at 2, Rue Davoust 93500 PANTIN, FRANCE.

The company is registered with the Paris Registry of Companies (RCS) under the number 18-06-1985.

European number of VAT: FR52 332 778 075

SIRET Number ((French Company Registration Number):): 332 778 075 000 17


The hosting is assured by the company Carooline.

General conditions of sale             
The general conditions of sale (GCS) are available on our website. They apply to the whole of the orders placed to the website and are accepted in their entirety by the customer (as defined by the GCS).

Personal data, privacy and liberty respect

La société MannesPièces s'engage à ne céder en aucun cas (vendre, échanger, louer, donner, prêter) à des tiers les informations vous concernant, sauf accord exprès de votre part. Ce site respecte la loi n° 78-17 du 6 janvier 1978 relative à l'informatique, aux fichiers et aux libertés. Conformément à cette loi vous disposez d'un droit d'accès, de modification, de rectification et de suppression pour toute information vous concernant.
Vous pouvez exercer directement ce droit en adressant un mail à, ou en contactant nos conseillers par téléphone au, ou encore en envoyant un courrier à l'adresse suivante :
2, Rue Davoust
93500 PANTIN
It is also possible for you to modify your personal information directly in the heading “my account”.
We collect only essential information, allowing us a treatment of quality and an attentive follow-up of your order. Not all information is required, but it is recommended to provide as much as possible to allow our teams to satisfy you.
Links with third-party websites

The websites connected directly or indirectly to are not under the control of our company. Consequently, the company does not assume any responsibility as for the information published on these websites. The links with third-party websites are provided only as convenience and do not imply any guarantee as for their contents. The violation of one of the copyrights is a an offence of counterfeit, under the article L.335-2 of the French Code of Intellectual Property, punishable by a 3 years of imprisonment and a 300,000 euros fine.