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Discover Mannes group

Mannes is an independent garage specialized in Mercedes, for over 30 years. Today, it has extended to Audi, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Volkswagen, BMW and Mini.

Mannes has 6 locations: Paris area (Paris, Pantin and Ivry sur Seine), Lyon area (Vénissieux), Bordeaux area (Lormont) and Quiberon.

A team of 110 people willing to serve, including:

  • 60 qualified mechanics,
  • 20 dedicated salespersons,
  • 6 workshop foremen,
  • 10 receptionists.

20,000 vehicle entries each year!

25,000 customers put their trust in us!

6 locations in France:

  • Paris
  • Pantin
  • Ivry-sur-Seine
  • Lyon (Vénissieux)
  • Bordeaux (Lormont)
  • Quiberon
  • Montreuil



Mannes was founded in 1980 in the city of Les Lilas (in Seine-Saint-Denis) and was originally a part reseller for Mercedes cars, named “Manpièces”.
The company grew rapidly stimulated by the standard exchange repair and replacement of engines. Today, Mannes is spread over 6 locations and deals parts throughout the country.

Mannes is the number one car repair for Mercedes vehicles in France and has expanded to other German brands.